Community for Those Called by the King

2023.09.10 - Week 43 • 1Peter 1:18-25; 1Peter 2:1-12Slides

If we have such a great calling, how can we stand firm?

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Remaining Close

True relationship is defined by the endurance to stay through trials. How true is your relationship with God and others?
John 15:1-17
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Imitating Our Father, Giving and Forgiving

God seems to be irrational. Maybe we need to imitate His irrational goodness.
Matthew 20:1-16
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Just One

God seeks just one person to cover many from destruction. Are you that person?
Ezekiel 22:24-31
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Don't You Care?

Jesus tells us to make disciples. He calls us to be the salt and light. We can’t do that looking out only for ourselves.
Luke 6:24-36
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Alone with God

You need to encounter God yourself. Every day, every moment.
Isaiah 6:1-8
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Growing Up

Spiritual growth takes steps of faith and many failures. God forgives you every time you fail. He wants you to grow.
Philippians 3:5-17
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How to Be a Man

Real men walk with Christ. They honor God through how they live and love one woman.
Genesis 2:15-17; Genesis 3:8-12; Titus 1:6-9
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The King’s Love for Those He Called

The King only disciplines His children to be different (holy). Are you grateful? Are you in?
Hebrews 12:1-17
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Life of a Normal Christian

Christians are dependent on God, and their lives are crazy. Are you in?
1Samuel 23
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The Name of Jesus

In whom there is nothing impossible.
Acts 4:1-22
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Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

How can you know what to do? God can guide you, but what does it take to get His guidance and provisions?
Ephesians 5:8-20
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God loves you!

God knows everything about you: your past, present and future...and He loves you and accepts you just as you are. Would you trust Him?
Psalm 139
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Psalm 23 - Rest in Jesus

Jesus welcomes us to His rest. We can let go of our burdens to Him.
Psalm 23
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Jesus After the Lost

Jesus is after your heart. He is also after others like you. Will you follow His lead?
Luke 18:21-24; Luke 19:1-10
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Overcoming Sin

Satan always attacks leaders because their fall means fall of many. Children of God despise sin and will fight for holiness.
2Corinthians 1:1-11
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Gung Ho

Christians are to be considered crazy. That’s what leaders are! Do people find you normal, or Gung Ho?
2Timothy 3:1-10
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Persistent Faith

Leaders trust God to finish the work He began through them. No turning back.
Romans 4:13-25
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Our Source of Strength

Accomplishing great things require the power and drive that comes from God. Do you know the depth of God's love for you?
1John 4:7-18
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Dying With Courage

Leaders take risks and suffer for the people they serve.
Matthew 20:20-28
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Change the World

Our calling is nothing less than a total transformation.
Acts 1:6-8
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The Position of Rest

Why we need the sabbath rest, and how we always win.
Hebrews 4:1-11
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What God Can Do Through You

300 vs 135,000. Guess who wins. Nothing is impossible for God.
Judges 6:1-16
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Life together, growing in Christ.
Romans 15:1-7
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Your Christian Leadership

The way you live your life matters. The things you do matter. Do you care? Be accountable.
Luke 15:1-10
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Action-Oriented Faith

Life seeming random, but with world-changing results. Faith produces action. What are you doing?
Matthew 25:14-30
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Life That Makes An Impact

To accomplish anything meaningful with our lives, the power of God is needed: in life, work, relationships, and anything else.
Luke 6:17-26
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Jesus, A Very Present Help in Time of Trouble

Our relationship with God was restored because of Jesus' death, and proven by His resurrection
Psalm 46
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The Battle for Our Holiness

How can we pray a blessing for others, heal the sick, raise the dead, and provide for the people in need?
Isaiah 1:7-20
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Can We See As God Does?

To whom does God have compassion? Why don’t we?
Jonah 1:1-3; Jonah 3-4
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Ask God

How can we know what to do that is best for our lives?
2Samuel 2:1-4; Matthew 6:5-13
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How Can We Grow?

Why do some of us grow while others fail?
Matthew 13:2-13,19-23
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Change Me

Sanctification, because we are God's children
Psalm 51
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You Don't Get It

Jesus is not after the crowd. He is after You. Not after little of everyone, but the entire you. Would you believe and follow?
John 6
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Investment 101

How to have so much that you can be a blessing to others
2Corinthians 9
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You Feed Them

What God has given you is enough!
Matthew 14:13-21
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Who has Jesus?

Reaching the Bobs with Love and Power
Who has Jesus?
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Love, because you are now forgiven

Accomplishing God’s great will for your life!
Hebrews 10:1-25
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Be a Disciple, and Make Disciples

Our Vision. Welcoming the one person to Jesus.
Luke 15:11-24
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Impossible Happens

Expect the unexpected to complete your calling.
Luke 1:26-38
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Importance of Eating Together

How God wishes to relate with us with no agenda
John 21:1-14
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To Whom Are You Called to Minister?

Church planting for our life transformation and to reach thousands (and beyond)
Acts 2:42
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Agree with One Another

Agree with God in His direction for you. Agree with one another, in deep relationships, for their growth and fulfilling God's calling for them.
1Corinthians 1:10
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In, but Not of

Our lives on earth is to be “in” the world, though we recognize that we are not “of” it.
John 15