Persistent Faith

2023.06.18 - Week 31 • Romans 4:13-25Slides

Leaders trust God to finish the work He began through them. No turning back.

Other Sermons

The difference between a Christian and a not-yet believing person is the reason why they do what they do. What is your reason why?
Our sins keep us away from loving God and others. Let’s ask God to give us heart of repentance and change our lives.
What would your life look like if you are saved? What would our church look like if one or two people come to faith?
A special message from Pastor John Hwang
A study of the book of Ecclesiastes. God is in control, including every good and every difficult part of our lives. We can be satisfied and driven toward what is best for us.
God can do anything. Nothing is too big for Him. It is dependence on our strength that fails. Can you trust God for your circumstances?
Do you want a breakthrough, circumstance change, or direction? We need to know God to experience His power in our lives.
Are we sick and tired of trying? That is the prerequisite for us to truly live. God calls us to a relationship with Him, it requires nothing but trusting what He has done.
Some of us need a miracle, a death-to-life transformation. It begins with Jesus’ resurrection power that brought us to God.
It was us who killed Jesus on that cross. God sees our sins as His fault. Thank you, Jesus!
God brought us together to fulfill the impossible mission. It is only made possible with His strength. Will we trust Him or not?
God calls us to the world. Wherever we are, let us demonstrate the holiness of God in our living, so people can see God through us.
Satan will wait until we are most vulnerable to knock us out. We must overcome temptations to prevent the downward spiral.
We are called to be one in Christ. Will you accept the call?
God calls us to change. No change means eternal death. God is known to soften the hardest of hearts. Can He change yours?
We are loved deeply, even though we do not deserve it. We love deeply because of the depth of that irrational love.
Giving up on trials is easy and can mean permanent failure. Yet, the grace of God draws us to obedience, to go after the impossible.
Children of God will face trials, but the victory is always theirs.
Those who experienced the love of God expect pains and waiting. They go through all kinds of crazy trials and yet, know God is good.
Worship is to enter the Most Holy Place to have an intimate conversation, encounter, and touch of God. Do you want this?
The healing for the world, our nation, our church, and us rests on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Are you able to share this Good News?
What did God call us to, and how are we doing in them? As we reflect, let’s turn to God for help.
The reason for the Merry Christmas!
Your calling is meant to be impossible. Go fulfill it
Because there is great joy at the other end. Don’t miss your glorious calling.
God is doing great things. Preparation is required to take part in them. Are you Ready to Change?
Chasing money? Relationships? Many pursuits crumble and do not last. Build on the right foundation, and get what you need, and for eternity.
Where will you go when you need to run away? Where would others go?
True relationship is defined by the endurance to stay through trials. How true is your relationship with God and others?
God seems to be irrational. Maybe we need to imitate His irrational goodness.
God seeks just one person to cover many from destruction. Are you that person?
Jesus tells us to make disciples. He calls us to be the salt and light. We can’t do that looking out only for ourselves.
You need to encounter God yourself. Every day, every moment.
Spiritual growth takes steps of faith and many failures. God forgives you every time you fail. He wants you to grow.
Real men walk with Christ. They honor God through how they live and love one woman.
The King only disciplines His children to be different (holy). Are you grateful? Are you in?
If we have such a great calling, how can we stand firm?
Christians are dependent on God, and their lives are crazy. Are you in?
In whom there is nothing impossible.
How can you know what to do? God can guide you, but what does it take to get His guidance and provisions?
God knows everything about you: your past, present and future...and He loves you and accepts you just as you are. Would you trust Him?
Jesus welcomes us to His rest. We can let go of our burdens to Him.
Jesus is after your heart. He is also after others like you. Will you follow His lead?
Satan always attacks leaders because their fall means fall of many. Children of God despise sin and will fight for holiness.
Christians are to be considered crazy. That’s what leaders are! Do people find you normal, or Gung Ho?
Accomplishing great things require the power and drive that comes from God. Do you know the depth of God's love for you?
Leaders take risks and suffer for the people they serve.
Our calling is nothing less than a total transformation.
Why we need the sabbath rest, and how we always win.
300 vs 135,000. Guess who wins. Nothing is impossible for God.
Life together, growing in Christ.
The way you live your life matters. The things you do matter. Do you care? Be accountable.
Life seeming random, but with world-changing results. Faith produces action. What are you doing?
To accomplish anything meaningful with our lives, the power of God is needed: in life, work, relationships, and anything else.
Our relationship with God was restored because of Jesus' death, and proven by His resurrection
How can we pray a blessing for others, heal the sick, raise the dead, and provide for the people in need?
To whom does God have compassion? Why don’t we?
How can we know what to do that is best for our lives?
Why do some of us grow while others fail?
Remember your God, be holy.
Sanctification, because we are God's children
Jesus is not after the crowd. He is after You. Not after little of everyone, but the entire you. Would you believe and follow?
How to have so much that you can be a blessing to others
What God has given you is enough!
Reaching the Bobs with Love and Power
Accomplishing God’s great will for your life!
Our Vision. Welcoming the one person to Jesus.
Expect the unexpected to complete your calling.
How God wishes to relate with us with no agenda
A necessary lesson in small group formation
Church planting for our life transformation and to reach thousands (and beyond)
Agree with God in His direction for you. Agree with one another, in deep relationships, for their growth and fulfilling God's calling for them.
Our lives on earth is to be “in” the world, though we recognize that we are not “of” it.