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Our Beloved 'Bobs'

Bob has been our reference to someone who is not against knowing about God but is often uninterested due to the busyness of life. However, through life's circumstances, he questions God and wonders if God exists. In these times, Christians must be available to walk with them. At LJL Church, we want them to come to know us and share lives with us by joining our small groups.

Amy Park

Amy Park Amy Park2

Name: Amy Park
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Home city/state/country: Tri-state area
Ethnicity: Some type of Asian
Faith: Agnostic
Marital Status: Single
Education: Bachelor’s, studying for Nurse Practioner degree
Occupation: ED Nurse
Siblings: Older sister
Dreams: To go traveling the world
Fears: Flying
Where grew up: Upstate
Favorite food: Tteokbbokki
Favorite color: Green
Things to do for fun: hiking, eyeshopping
Favorite hang out: Movies, aquarium, botanical garden, hikes
Favorite movie: Spirited Away

Amy is a hopeful, but weary 25yo Asian female who decided to come to church out of curiosity and for change of pace. She was born and raised in Long Island, and has since moved to NJ for more affordable housing while she commutes to NYC for work. She has been struggling to feel at peace lately and has considered exploring spiritual avenues. She has a 31yo older sister who recommended that she try attending a local church, as she herself has been finding comfort and joy with her own church community.

Chase Sunderland

Chase Sunderland Chase Sunderland2

Name: Chase Sunderland
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Home city/state/country: Pennsylvania
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Faith: Agnostic
Marital Status: Single
Education: College Sophomore, Art Major
Occupation: Unemployed
Siblings: None
Dreams: To live a happy, comfortable life
Fears: Spiders, heights, and commitment
Where grew up: Arizona
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite color: Brown
Things to do for fun: LARPing
Favorite hang out: Mall Bowling alley
Favorite movie: Jacob’s Ladder

Chase Sunderland led a very uneventful life until he met the love of his life, Dolores. Their loving beautiful gorgeous relationship was cut short before it really even began when Dolores was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Now since the death of his very first girlfriend, he’s feeling lost and directionless.

Jack Fernandez

Jack Fernandez Jack Fernandez2

Name: Jack Fernandez
Gender: M
Age: 27
Home city/state/country: Peru
Ethnicity: Peruvian
Faith: Agnostic
Marital Status: dating
Education: some coĺlege
Occupation: Costco warehouse
Siblings: too many
Dreams: Trucking co
Fears: getting hurt (trust in others)
Where grew up: Peru
Favorite food: Korean BBQ and stew
Favorite color: Green / Black
Things to do for fun: Darts
Favorite hang out: Dive bars / Billiard
Favorite movie: Coming to America

Jaime Kim

Jaime Kim Jaime Kim2

Jaime is a 5’5” 25 yo Korean American male. He currently lives in Palisades Park with his roommate. He works part time at a Mexican restaurant while simultaneously trying to finish his last year of school. He will be earning his computer science degree and plans to become a software engineer post graduation. During his free time, Jaime likes to play basketball with his friends and spend time with his girlfriend of 1 year. Growing up as a young child, his parents pressured him to attend church. This ultimately lead him to having reservations in attending church as a young adult. He views the church as being very manipulative and abusive due to his upbringing at his childhood church

Keexa Lee

Keexa Lee Keexa Lee2

Name: Keexa
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Home city/state/country:
Vancouver, Canada
Ethnicity: Korean
Faith: longtime church goer, baby faith
Marital Status: has a boyfriend
Education: gap-year before college
Occupation: cat groomer
Siblings: youngest of 5
Dreams: open up cafe in LA
Fears: getting lazy and stagnant
Where grew up: Canada
Favorite food: medium rare steak
Favorite color: sage green
Things to do for fun: create drink recipes at home
Favorite hang out: thrift store and lowkey cafes
Favorite movie: Tangled

Keexa in a punk- rock loving 19 year old girl who spends her free time reading blogs in quiet, small cafes or mustering up trendy drinks at home. She grew up with her grandma taking her to church as her parents worked away their souls on weekends. She regularly attends church but finds difficulty retaining any slight growth that comes in random bursts. She is looking to find a new home/church that can help foster a solid foundation. She has a coworker at the groomers that arbitrarily mentions bible verses under her breath as she combats work stress. She plans on sparking up a conversation to subtly ask her coworker about her church and possibly find them online.

Panthera Chen

Panthera Chen Panthera Chen2

Name: Panthera Chen
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Home country: China
Ethnicity: Chinese
Faith: No faith
Occupation: Accountant
Siblings: No siblings
Where grew up: San Francisco
Favorite food: dumplings
Favorite color: Light blue
Things to do for fun: plan for future vacations

Panthera's parents moved from China to America to provide a life full of opportunities. Their life in poverty left her parents to work ruthlessly to provide success in Panthera's future. Panthera graduated from MIT and was valedictorian. Her parents' sacrifices drive her to work to the best of her ability in whatever she does.

Original Bob

Original Bob

Our original Bob!

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