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Thank you for your interest in visiting us. We want to make you feel comfortable, and we want your visit to be most meaningful to you. To do that, we'll describe the kinds of gatherings we have and suggest which meeting to join first.

Our Location

1155 Hendricks Causeway, Ridgefield, NJ 07657
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Bible Studies

Bible studies are often catered to topics that we experience in life. For example, our first Bible study is on dating, love, and marriage, which both our church members and their peers face regardless of faith. Bible studies are where new Christians and interested people can interact and share their thoughts on popular topics. All levels of belief (and non-belief) are welcome, and we would love to hear your views.

Small Group Meetings (Meets at times that fits the small group members, often at someone's home)

3-7 people form small groups based on their similarities, such as age, familial status, career level, and pursuits. The intent is mutual growth and deeper relationships that can persist through all life issues. If you are someone of another faith or no faith, this may be the best way to observe other Christians and ask any questions you may have. Since the group is small, the members will talk about real-life issues and look to Scriptures and others to answer them. The small group size also means you are welcome to speak what is in your mind instead of being in a larger group setting. Small groups also handle their hangouts, and the places they meet may be less foreign to you.

Hang outs and Events (Check the calendar!)

At times, we hold several outings without any focus on study. Anyone is welcome, and we just want to get to know each other as we have fun together.

Lord's Day Worship (Every Lord's Day, 12:30 pm @ LJL Church)

The Lord's Day Worship is meant to be a time of rest (Sabbath) for Christians who have attended the church for some time. For that rest, the members are expected to come as they are and simply receive. Someone else will prepare songs for worship, provide a sermon, and interactions will be minimal. After the worship service, we eat together and may have additional activities that allow for conversations. However, if you have not grown up in a church environment and would like to talk about your situation or ask questions in a more private and confidential setting, the Lord's Day worship may not be the best place to begin. Yet, we will do our best to cater to your situation when you come. Please let one of the leaders know how we can best meet your needs.