Sign up for Membership

Sign up for membership when you
  1. believe Jesus as your Lord and Savior and
  2. commit to the vision of our church: Be a disciple, Make Disciples

Why be a member?

  • All Christians are called to serve at a local church. It’s ok if you need time to believe in Jesus, but once you do, you can commit with others who love God.
  • It’s a journey to begin in your church leadership. Small Group leaders, deacons, and elders must be local church members.
  • Remember our org chart below. We must confess our faith publicly to be considered a Christian. We can serve more people openly in the Name of Jesus by doing so.
LJL Org Chart

As a member, you will be invited to meet with the church leadership occasionally to discuss how to reach and welcome others and to help your brothers and sisters grow in our current culture.