Free food in Ridgefield! Come and get to know us.

On May __, 2023, weather-permitting, we would like to invite you to our church for free cooked food. We just want you to know we are here for you, and you can even pick up the food for your family. All free of charge. Join us and come say hi.

Many of us will be here to hang out with you, listen to your stories, or pray for you. Are you sick or do you have a need where only God can breakthrough? Come with your prayer requests and we will pray for you (and you will see miracles in your life!).

Food we will have for you

  • Cheese burgers
  • Fries

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No catch? I can just come and pick up the food? Yes! All we ask is that one person picks up per family (max 5).
  • How would I know if this event is happening (not canceled due to weather)? Visit this website! This website will clearly be marked during this event showing that the event is occurring.

Temporary Flyer for In-Church Announcement